Interior Design

At Inniva Design and Construction Renovation, we are always innovating and evolving with every project; we deliver commercial and residential interior design projects to the highest standards of service with attention to every last detail.

We offer flexible and tailored solutions to match your project requirement. Whether a full design and build undertaking, or a simple ad-hoc service, you can count on us to provide the same level of quality and service excellence that you have to trust us with.

We diversify design using innovative ideas:

  • Convert your vision into reality
  • Elegance is simplicity, living and stylish interior
  • Innovative is infinite, we keep our edge sharp
  • Design excellence & comfortable

As your appointed interior architect and renovation partner we put customer relationship in the fore front, keeping communications channels open to you with timely reports and updates. We take great pride with every project to ensure you as a customer is satisfied with your home renovation.

在Inniva Design & Construction Renovation, 我们始终在每个项目上进行创新和发展;我们以最高的服务标准交付商业和住宅室内设计项目,并关注每一个细节。我们提供灵活,量身定制的解决方案,以满足您的项目需求。无论是完整的设计和局部建设,还是简单的临时服务,您都可以信赖我们,我们将提供让您信任,高水平的质量与优质服务。